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Mandala of Compassion Dissolution Ceremony

Sunday Oct 12, 2014 11:00 AM to 4:30 PM This is a past program
Mandala of Compassion: Dissolution Ceremony
10/12/2014---This fall the Hammer Museum welcomed the return of four highly respected Tibetan Buddhist monks—Venerable Gelong Kalsang Rinpoche, Venerable Lama Nawang Thogmed, Lama Nawang Samten Lhundrup, and Lama Dorji Sherpa—as they created an elaborate sand mandala in the Lobby Gallery. The program, presented in partnership with Ari Bhöd, the American Foundation for Tibetan Cultural Preservation, featured the construction of a sacred sand painting embodying compassion. Over the course of two weeks, millions of grains of colored sand were sprinkled carefully on a flat surface, following precise and ancient instructions passed down over thousands of years. Once the last grains of sand were placed, the entire sand painting was swept up in a final display of impermanence. This video follows the lamas as they perform final prayers over the mandala and invite museum visitors to join them in bringing the collected sand to the ocean, offering it into the waves as a blessing.

From 11AM to 3PM, visitors will be able to reserve same-day timed-tickets for a 10 minute window to view the completed mandala. Live-streaming of the Mandala will be available in the Billy Wilder Theater throughout the day and will allow an overhead view of the final sweeping of the sands. 

11AM-1PM: Extended Puja (visitors will be able to enter in 10-minute increments)

3PM: Sweeping of the sands at the Hammer Museum

3:45PM: Lamas plan to leave the Hammer for the beach 

4:15-4:30PM: Park at Santa Monica Parking Lot 8 and walk toward the ocean (click here for a map)

Approx. 4:30PM: Dissolution ceremony at the beach 

Please be advised that these times are approximations and may change according to the needs of the lamas and the museum on the day of the dissolution.


View photos from the dissolution ceremony here.