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KCHUNG TV: Live Filming

Sunday Sep 7, 2014 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM This is a past program

Similar to KCHUNG Radio, all KCHUNG TV content will be produced by the KCHUNG community with programs that include sports, news, talk shows, wildlife conservation, live music, game shows, telenovelas, sitcoms, experimental video, true crime stories, docudramas, performance art, telethons, and more. KCHUNG TV will be filmed before live audiences on select Saturdays and Sundays at the Hammer Museum. Episodes will be played continuously in the lobby during regular museum hours. Additionally, all programming will be contained in an online archive for video playback.

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View photos from the filmings here.

Sun Jun 15

12:00:00 - Everything Must Go!- Keith Rocka

"Everything Must Go!" is a 30 minute game show hosted by Keith Rocka pitting five contestants against each other to win the ultimate prize of some of Keith's personal belongings.

12:55:00 - Standup Comedy Hour- Ken Ehrlich

An hour long comedy hour hosted by Ken Ehrlich with Emily Joyce, Gary Cannone, Nick Lowe, Rosten Woo and special guests.

2:00 - OH NO YOU DI'NT- Touch Touch Publishing

Video by Juliet Small Ernst
Music by Rhan Small Ernst

2:20 ORANGE - Paul Pescador

As the next version of the Color Project, Pescador will develop a thirty minute performance which takes on the moments when one is completely alone: the shower, sitting in traffic, and working in one's office. Through gestural movements and brightly colored materials, the perform focuses on the banality humor and melancholy of these moments.

3:15 VAJAMMIN AT THE HAMMER - Chrysanthe Oltmann

Vajammin at the Hammer - Everyone's favorite Sunday afternoon talk show! Featuring an opening womonologue, KCHUNG trivia and dreams of utopia, all brought to you by the Jersey jokestress herself, Chrysanthe O, and Winona, her trusted sidekick. A fallopianutopia production.

3:50 ARTTRAX presents COOL WORLD PARTY LA with special guests HOMEGIRL

A collaborative and improvisational talk show, live concert, DJ set and party.

Production Crew:

TECH DIR: Eva Aguila, Brock Fensler
Producer: Brandt Wrightsman
Sound: Rhan Ernst & Oscar Santos
Camera 1: Margie Schnibbe
Camera 2: Alissa White
Station Manager: Gabie Strong
PA: Alissa White

Sat Jun 21

12:30 PM Lewis M. hosts THE FORUM

The Forum is a 15 minute breakdown of the weeks best boxing video clips and rants from the comments section from the internet's most popular boxing fan forums. Hosted by LewisM of Cypher Boxing on KCHUNG Radio.

1:10 PM Anna Ialeggio hosts GASTRAL PROJECTIONS

A smoldering volcano, a sad cactus, a naked man, the living rom plays chess against itself. Sphincter on location, please report back! This is not one of those sit-coms with only one actor.

2:15 PM Johnnie Jungleguts hosts COSPLAY FASHION SHOW

For this cosplay fashion show we want to see all the great, wild, and outrageous cosplay efforts in LA!

3:25 PM John Burtle and Guan Rong's NOOOOOOOOOO TV

Nooooooo TV is an experimental performative talk show. With a queer overtone, between two friends-John and Guan and occasionally with other guests, Nooooooo TV uncovers and exchanges various ideas on friendship, relationships, emotion, arts, music, and much more. Nooooooo is a spirited gesture, which desires to bring not only knowledge and information, but also performance elements, expressions, personal experiences and experiments, and the arts into television tradition, giving viewers space for vast imaginations coming to play.

Production Crew:

TECH DIR: Eva Aguila, Brock Fansler (Experimental Half-Hour)
Producer: Brandt Wrightsman
Sound: Luke Fischbeck
Camera 1: Margie Schnibbe
Camera 2: Alissa White
PA: Michael Delaney
Kchung station managers: Gabie Strong, Lewis M.

Sat Jun 28

12:30-1:00PM Kristy Baltezore hosts JINGLE KARAOKE

If you like Mentos, Skittles, In n' Out or Carpeteria ads, you'll love this public karaoke event singing favorite commercial jingles!           

1:15-1:30PM — Chrysanthe Oltmann hosts PLAYERZ

two friends, rainbow and judas, try to live up to their radical feminist ideals while getting made, getting paid and getting laid in lost angeles. a fallopianutopia production.

1:45-2:45PM - Steve Kado and Nicolas Miller host TALKING SHOW!

A show dedicated to talking.


Julius Smack's Musical Vocalizations is a performance revue that uses popular media to convey political statements about climate change, social justice, and physical well-being. In a variety of medias spanning from video installation to song, Peter Hernandez performs as Julius Smack, a live, omniscient statue. In his Musical Vocalizations, all pop media is game. Pop songs are replicated as new age ballads and radio talk show hosts become techno samples. 

3:45-4:30PM - Matthew Timmons & Ben White host THE PEOPLE 

On stage two people, Ben White and Mathew Timmons, each behind a lectern with microphones will present a talk alongside a projected set of images. The individual talks function as performance lectures. Each person will act as both host and guest for the other person. The entire performance is rehearsed to a set script and time limit.

Sun Jul 6

12:30-1:15PM - Christy Roberts - GINGER SNAPS

Two Millennial cisgendered, queerish, female redheaded artists/pop stars/theorists/comedians discuss the news and gossip of the art world (and the world in general), conduct interviews, and include comedic segments. This would be similar to The View, Ellen, Chelsea Handler etc., except with the personalities of Broad City and content that is Culture Industry specific.

1:30-2:00PM - Christina Gubala - SLAM DUNX FROM THE FREETHROW LINE

Slam Dunx the Radio Show goes full visual in living color, bringing basketball into the art world hard. Part talk show, part psychedelic party, the 15 minute show will air in 3 parts over the course of the residency, touching on UCLA basketball, NBA basketball, and basketball from abroad/the future!


HLCZ Variety Show will be a new age performance and call-in show with past guests of the HLCZ including Iasos, JD Emmanuel, Kat Epple, Dick Sutphen (all via skype with effects), Meredith Carter live-in studio and others.

3:30-4:00PM - Priscilla Brinshot - WE OUT HAIR!

Talk show takes place in a hair salon in space. Guests who drop by are also customers who get their hair  done at this one stop beauty shop. Target audience are guys and gals of all age ranges from stay at home moms to after school Oprah hour teens that just wanna learn how to chop that straight bang, see someone eat a whole bag of hot cheetos in 10 seconds, talk space smack, and meet some weird out of this world glam characters.

Production Crew:

Technical Producers: Eva Aguila, Brock Fansler
Field Producer: Brandt Wrightsman
Sound: KCHUNG, Jennifer Moon
Camera 1: Susan Kemp
Camera 2: Margie Schnibbe
Camera 3: KCHUNG
Station manager: KCHUNG
PA2: Lewis Bernie

Sat Jul 12

12:30-1:00PM - Johnnie JungleGuts - Dave White in Conversation with Johnnie JungleGuts

Performance artist Johnnie JungleGuts interviews one of his idols, film critic Dave White. Watch this dream come true interview with excitement as they discuss Dave's life story and what it means to be a critic.

1:00-1:15PM - Andrew Cox - CHEAP EATS

A cooking show focusing on recipes for the broke and lazy.

1:15-1:45PM - Mary Hill - THE MONTHLY

Mary Hill provides a space for sound, voiceover, video, movement, readings, music, and performance to coexist in an episodic trilogy. A quikie Gesamtkunstwerk wherein each artist is invited to interpret the space, air time, and interview portion as they see fit for their project. Two artists per episode will be asked to collaborate to create an hour of content - in some cases this might look like two consecutive performances, or they may choose to integrate their work physically and temporally. For example, one artist may choose to create the sound for a choreographer's movements or another may choose to give a lecture during an endurance performance. These are just "for instances" - it will be, of course, up to the artists involved.

2:00-2:30PM - Eva Aguila + Brock Fansler - EXPERIMENTAL HALF HOUR 1

Eva Aguila + Brock Fansler host a special edition of Experimental Half-Hour created exclusively for KCHUNG TV.              

2:45-3:30PM - Kat B. - SLUDGEFEAST

KCHUNG DJ Kat Bee takes SLudgefeast out of the studio and...back into a different studio. Get yr daily helping of distortion as Kat brings bands and artists regularly featured on Sludgefeast (the radio show) to KCHUNG TV for good times, rad tunes and a little conversation. Think 'Inside the Actors Studio' for the stoner punk kid set.              

3:45-4:00PM - Luke Fischbeck - NEIGHBORS

Luke Fischbeck spends a little time before the program filming videos throughout the museum, closeup, artistic angles. blur. looking closely. For the live program, Luke will sit still and watch all the videos. the camera films Luke watching, and films the screen also.

Production Crew:

Technical Producers: Eva Aguila, Brock Fansler
Field Producer: Brandt Wrightsman
Camera 1: Erik Felix
Camera 2: Jennifer Moon
Camera 3: KCHUNG
Station managers: Gabie Strong, John Burtle
PA2: Lewis Bernier          

Sat Jul 19

12:30-1:00PM: PSYCHIC FRIENDS Kate Gilbert

Oscar Santos (of Sister Mantos) and Kate Gilbert (The New Age Lesbian Oracle) tell psychic stories, psychically interview each other and/or rant about crystals and haunted objects. 


Fish Sense is an interview show. Our host is a shark -- underwater -- who poses questions to human guests in the KCHUNG TV studio. Discussion topics range from the (mis)representation of sharks in popular culture and the importance of sharks and shark awareness to the continued existence of the human race. On occasion, a guest may join the host underwater for an "in-depth" interview.                             

1:45-2:00PM: PERFORMING ASPEN Ali Prosch and Evan Walsh

Ali Prosch and Evan Walsh will reimagine Structural Play #3, a performance originally created by Brian O’ Doherty (aka Patrick Ireland). O’Doherty’s Structural Plays examine the performativity of language, anti theatre and identity play through a series of performances that implement mathematics and choreographed movement upon a uniform grid.  Ali Prosch and Evan Walsh will appropriate a variety of elements from Structural Play #3, and modify it to produce a new playful iteration for KChung TV. 

2:15-2:30PM: HEALTHY  Erin Weber

Healing show with yoga and different modality topics. Kinda funny but also serious and informative.

2:45-3:15PM: S3TV  George Jensen

Suspect 3 presents music videos and taped interviews with artists.  He will introduce each one as the host and additionally, will have a live guest!

3:30-4:00PM: SUBJECT vs. OBJECT #1  Yelena Zhelezov

A staging of 2 diorama versions of episode 1: the same conversation- based relationship/romantic/problematic text exchange. A conversation with Jungian analyst to follow.

Production Crew:

Creative Directors: Kchung Community                  
Video Technical Producers: Eva Aguila, Brock Fansler      
Field Producer: Brandt Wrightsman
Sound: Solomon Bothwell
Camera 1: Michal Kamran
Camera 2: Maya Gingery
Camera 3: Paul Carter
Station manager: Gabie Strong, Evan Walsh           
PA:  Ryan Archambault                    
PA2:  Aarum Alatorre

Sat Jul 26

12:30-1:30PM: CRYSTALLINE MORPHOLOGIES -  Gabie Strong

THIS is an experiment in amplified sonic feedback set against visual dissonance to create TOTAL AMPLIFIED VIDEO DECAY. Features John Pearson, Ron Russell, Aisling Cormack, Helga Fassonaki, Andrew Scott, Ted Byrnes, Jorge Martin, Matthew Hebert, Jared Stanley, Greg Lenczycki, Gabie Strong. 

1:45-2:15PM: POWER MALLET - Luke Fischbeck

Power mallet is exploring things hitting other things. Sounds and materials in time.

2:30-3:00PM: GIRLS TALK BOYS 1 - Margie Schnibbe with Gregory Barnett & Tyler Knight

Margie and CALMX explore the tropes of contemporary dating with an emphasis on the experiences of older women and younger men. Margie will appear live in the studio with adult film start Tyler Knight and performance artist Gregory Barnett. CALMX will participate remotely from NYC via  iPhone. 

3:15-3:45PM: OUT OF THIS WORLD - Adam Taylor

It is a 1/2 hour talk show. My co-host- a brilliant improv actor would pretend to be an supernatural expert on various topics- ghosts, aliens, bigfoot etc and then we'd have actual experts- people who've written books on the subjects as guests. Comedy would ensue. This could be great live television!

Production Crew: 

Creative Directors: Kchung Community Members
Live Video Technicians: Luke Fischbeck, Jens Jonason
Field Producer: Brandt Wrightsman
Sound: Jorge Martin, Greg Lenczycki, Michal Kamran
Camera 1: Margie Schnibbe
Camera 2:  Jennifer Moon
Camera 3: John Pearson, Gabie Strong
Station manager:  Evan Walsh
PA:  Lewis Bernier

This production was made possible by the KChung TV Organizing Committee.

Sun Aug 3

12:30-1:15PM: HESCHERETTE - Sylvie Spencer

The format and mood is along the lines of typical televisual or cinematic portrayals of public access broadcasting, similar to Wayne's World or MST3K. It will be casual yet also theatrical with some 'painting' critique of living paintings… We will also be reviewing selected music videos and video art in a basement style set constructed by a few different artists, consisting of far out pieces to sit on and move around a la nouchi-martha graham.  

1:30-2:00PM: THE MONTHLY #2 - Mary Hill

The Monthly is an open space for video, sound, and performance to be taken over and negotiated by two guest artists per episode, followed by a conversation with these artists about their practice.

2:15-2:45PM: LATE NIGHT WITH KCHUNG - Erik Felix

This is a late night talk show. This is not a late night talk show      

3:00-4:00PM: EXPERIMENTAL HALF-HOUR 4th Anniversary X-travaganza - Eva + Brock

Live performance art in front of a green screen.

KCHUNG TV was made possible by KCHUNG Community Members.

Sat Aug 9

12:30-1:15PM DAB CITY – Jonathan Pierce

Dab City, host of Champagne Mondays, presents a live audio-visual experience for the unwashed masses--somewhere near the intersection of beat-driven music, found footage, and original video production. What we are doing here is probably art?

1:30-2:00PM PRI US – Erin Weber and Mark Rodriquez

Collaboration with Mark Rodriquez. Takes place in the future. A monologue discussing the state of control. Apocalyptic, ironic, brand identity through Aps and social media. A kind of “they live” or Solent Green.

2:15-2:45PM SO-CAL DISC GOLFERS – Andrew Choate

An interview show about disc golf and the Japan Open with 4-7 Southern California disc golfers who are traveling to Japan to play in the tournament in June. Each guest brings a unique perspective to foreign travel and level of game expertise, from recreational players to one of the world’s top pros and champion of the Japan Open in 2011.

3:00-3:15PM POST FIGHT – Lewis M.

Play video clips of post-fight interviews of boxers done in the ring immediately following their fights interspersed with readings of Boxing Fiction. Excerpts from novels by Norman Mailer, Joe Layden, Leonard Gardner.

3:30-4:00PM HSN Live!!! – Kristy Baltezore

KCHUNG TV presents: a very special, ONE TIME ONLY, shopping event, LIVE at the Hammer Museum! Your hostess, Kristy Baltezore, will be showcasing vintage housewares from her PERSONAL FAMILY COLLECTION!! Don't miss this ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY to own one of these unique collectable items.  Each object is signed with the Artist's Signature and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

Purchases can be made in person during filming at Hammer Museum or by calling the shopping hotline at 1- 213-309-0366. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Some objects may not be in actual working condition 

KCHUNG TV Production Crew

Creative Directors: KChung Community Members
Project Organizers: KChung TV Committee Volunteers
Set Designer: Anna Ialeggio
Video Producer: Margie Schnibbe
Field Producer: Brandt Wrightsman
Sound: Gabie Strong
Camera 1: Mike Kelley
Camera 2: Michal Kamran
Camera 3: Paul Carter
Station manager: Evan Walsh, Jennifer Moon
PA: Jesse Marie

Sat Aug 16

12:30-1:30PM: LATE NIGHT ADVENTURES WITHIN  Jennifer Moon & Robert Watkins

Late Night with Adventures Within is hosted by Jennifer Moon and Robert Watkins with special guests, Michael Blomsterberg and Michael Ned Holte, and live musical guest, TV Girl.

1:45-2:45PM: 120 MINUTES OF SODOM Eugene Kotlyarenko & Brent Cowley

Brent Cowley and Eugene Kotlyarenko (hosts of Chinese Rocks Radio) will stand in front of the lowly Public Access cameras and bastardize the classic MTV Alternative Rock program - """"120 Minutes””””. This will be in the patented VJ-presentation format of discussing music, promo-ing videos, interviewing musicians, lording over acoustic sets with great local acts and just general subversive zaniness. Maybe we'll even touch upon fine art, pop culture, movies and oh so much more. 

3:00-3:30PM: ETERNAL TELETHON: 5 Year Anniversary-  Adrian Tenney, Margie Schnibbie, Miggie Wong, Curt Gambetta, Johnnie JungleGuts, John Burtle, and Jen Bruce.

The Eternal Telethon is an ongoing series of webcasts that raise support for the creation of an artist retirement home at the Salton Sea. The Eternal Telethon functions both as a showcase for artists to present new, experimental work, as well as a demonstration of how a community can effectively define its needs and empower itself. For more information check out

3:45-4:00PM: GET THE GIG Tim Leanse

"Get the Gig" is a contest show where aspiring noise artists compete for a slot at an upcoming underground noise show.

KCHUNG TV Production Crew

Creative Directors: KChung Community Members
Project Organizers: KChung TV Committee Volunteers
Set Designer: Anna Ialeggio
Video Producers: Margie Schnibbe, Luke Fischbeck, Gabie Strong
Field Producer: Brandt Wrightsman
Cameras: Paul Carter, Mike Kelley, Jesse Marie
PA: Erik Felix
Sound: Solomon Bothwell
Station Manager: Kchung Community Members

Sat Aug 23

12:30-1:30PM: SUPER K-POP LIVE  Leila Khastoo

Super Kpop Sundays goes LIVE! With DJ Leila hitting the streets to talk to people about Korean pop music, interviewing special invited guests related to the world of Kpop, and then having a big laser light dance party to finish.

1:45-2:15PM: YOGA SPHERE  Jesse Marie

Leave your stressful Los Angeles life behind and step into the Yoga Sphere, an experimental restorative class that incorporates meditation, movement, and music to reach a state of relaxation and peace.

2:30-3:00PM: ARTIST AT WORK Yogi Proctor

Yogi Proctor presents The Artist At Work, a reading of NEW. ART. NOW. that explores the stakes of the artist today.

3:15-3:30PM: FAERIES Kate Gilbert

Faeries in the Forest: Utopia and the End of Days...INDEED! featuring the Psych-Out Go-Go Dada Family  

3:45-4:00PM: REAL TALK  James Raymond & Keith Ballard

Dissecting the talk show forumala Real Talk profiles and interviews Local L.A. residents.        

KCHUNG TV Production Crew

Creative Directors: KChung Community Members
Project Organizers: KChung TV Committee Volunteers
Set Designer: Anna Ialeggio
Video Producers: Kristy Baltezore
Field Producer: Brandt Wrightsman
Production Coordinators: Gabie Strong, Michal Kamran
Sound: KChung TV Committee Volunteers
Camera 1: Maya Gingery
Camera 2: KChung TV Committee Volunteers
Camera 3: KChung TV Committee Volunteers
Station manager: Keith Rocka Knittel
PA: KChung TV Committee Volunteers 

KCHUNG TV was made possible by KCHUNG Community Members

Sat Aug 30

12:30–1:30PM: DIVIDED DAUGHTERS Swan Moon & Julie Moon

A 30 minute segment of five, 6min looping video art pieces of Divided Daughters or other sisters engaging in some kind of back and forth motion.

1:45–2:30PM: COMMUNIST TV Ken Ehrlich

Taking the talk show as a template, Communist Television is s series of conversations about contemporary communist currents and the relationships developing globally between contemporary political insurgency and aesthetic practices.

3:00–3:30 PM: SUBJECT vs. OBJECT #2 Yelena Zhelezov

Subject vs Object #2 takes form of mini period series, with 4 episodes of about 6 minutes each. The narrative concerns a relationship between 2 people, both played by Yelena Zhelezov in real time. It is modeled on the TV genre of drawing room drama; it’s a dissection of a relationship--an internal dialogue between the object and the subject of desire.

The text is constructed using philosophical publications on the nature of subject and object and excerpts from personal gchat conversations about romances, reflecting the inability to access the mind of another and the resulting tendency to construct imaginary scenarios for ourselves.

KCHUNG TV was made possible by KCHUNG Community Members

KCHUNG TV Production Crew

Creative Directors: KChung Community Members
Project Organizers: KChung TV Committee Volunteers
Video Producers: Luke Fischbeck, Michal Kamran, Mike Kelley, Margie Schnibbe, Gabie Strong, Evan Walsh
Field Producer: Brandt Wrightsman
Camera: Jennifer Moon, Mike Kelley, Kchung community members
Sound: Paul Carter, Jonathan Pierce
Station Manager: Michal Kamran, Keith Rocka Knittel, Gabie Strong, Evan Walsh

Sat Sept 6

12:30-1:00PM: DIVIDED DAUGHTERS - JPEG CITY Swan Moon and Julie Moon with Dawn Garcia

Julie & Swan Moon of Divided Daughters go to JPEG CITY.

1:15-1:45PM: SUN KIN Dustin Smith

Members of Sun Kin Collective will be preforming a short artistic piece.

2:00-2:30PM: KINKY STRETCH Kate Gilbert

Like "Mousercize"? Well, this isn't that. Follow burlesque sensation and performer Gregory Barnett in this half-hour embodied aerobics class with very special guests.

2:45-3:15PM: EARTH ART TV Gabie Strong

Gerry Schum’s 1969 “Land Art” television exhibition on German public television; Stewart Brand’s 1968-1972 “Whole Earth Catalog;” Earth Art TV 2014 on KCHUNG TV. Access to tools over live stream video feed distributed over the internet.

KCHUNG TV was made possible by KCHUNG Community Members

KCHUNG TV Production Crew

Creative Directors: KChung Community Members
Project Organizers: KChung TV Committee Volunteers
Video Producers: Luke Fischbeck, Michal Kamran, Mike Kelley, Margie Schnibbe, Gabie Strong, Evan Walsh
Field Producer: Brandt Wrightsman
Camera: Jennifer Moon, Mike Kelley, Kchung community members
Sound: Paul Carter, Jonathan Pierce
Station Manager: Michal Kamran, Keith Rocka Knittel, Gabie Strong, Evan Walsh

Sun Sept 7

11:30-12:15PM KCHUNG TV Presents: Family Day – Art Vandals and Magic Hour - Brandt Wrightsman (host)

KCHUNGtv does Hammer Family Day on the last day of Made in LA. Special guest hosts will involve young museum patrons and guide them in taking part in the vandalization of the set as well as other surprises.

12:30-1:15PM: RARE AIR - Christina Gubala

Rare Air: Lady C and friends, DJs Ill Evans, Victoria, and Diva, on the turntables, bidding a musical farewell to MiLA 2014. Visual accompaniment from the esteemed Miko Revereza!

1:30- 2:15PM: LONESOME WHISTLE   - Liz Tooley
This show includes adult language and themes.

I was raised in a very chaotic and unusual environment. I have just started a show on KCHUNG to share stories with a guest and have them share a story in turn. I've always felt that the story teller in me is much more confident than the writer which is what makes this show work so well.

2:30-3:00PM: Everything Must Go! The Game Show (Season Finale) - Keith Rocka Knittel

Hosted by Keith Rocka Knittel, EMG!TGS(SF) lets audience participants face off in games of chance, trivia contest, and physical challenges in an attempt to win prizes and fame.  Contestants in EMG!TGS(SF) will be competing for amazing prizes that are actual pieces of history- fragments of THE KCHUNGtv SET (as featured in MiLA2014)!  Everyone is encouraged to participate, and everyone (theoretically) is a winner.

3:15-4:00PM: KCHUNG TV News Recap -  Kchung TV News Crew 

KCHUNG TV News Crew reports on  KCHUNG TV’s summer programming for Made in L.A. 2014

KCHUNG TV was made possible by KCHUNG Community Members

KCHUNG TV Production Crew

Creative Directors: KChung Community Members
Project Organizers: KChung TV Committee Volunteers
Video Producers: Luke Fischbeck, Jens Jonason, Michal Kamran, Mike Kelley, Margie Schnibbe, Gabie
Strong, Evan Walsh
Field Producer: Brandt Wrightsman
Camera: Jennifer Moon, Mike Kelley, Kchung community members
Sound: Paul Carter, Jonathan Pierce
Station Manager: Michal Kamran, Keith Rocka Knittel, Gabie Strong, Evan Walsh