Sculptural fountain in the shape of the artist's prostrate body, stacked upon itself five times

Roksana Pirouzmand

Made in L.A. 2023: Roksana Pirouzmand

Roksana Pirouzmand creates sculptural objects and installations that perform in tandem with the artist’s body. Her recent works deal particularly with diasporic memory and forms of care and violence. In Pirouzmand’s pieces, personal experiences are incorporated into installation systems, suggesting the possibility of transformation, deterioration, and movement through interactions between the artist and her work. Pirouzmand is partly driven by a desire to reflect on the conditions of her life as an immigrant, depicting intimate narratives of her experience as an Iranian woman living in the United States. The use of clay and water reflects on the gradual deterioration or perhaps the fluidity of family ties across diasporas. Her installations often involve mechanisms that animate objects through the pulsing presence of her body or sculptural works cast from either her body or those of her mother or grandmother, honoring the lives of the women who have preceded her. Pirouzmand creates conditions for her work to be in motion, colliding into narratives of exile, family bonds, generational trauma, and memorialization.


Roksana Pirouzmand (b. 1990, Yazd, Iran) received a BFA from California Institute of the Arts in 2017 and an MFA from UCLA in 2022. She has exhibited at Murmurs, Los Angeles (2022); Del Vaz Projects, Los Angeles (2022); Guest House, Inglewood, California (2022); Make Room, Los Angeles (2022); Simon Lee Gallery, London (2022); Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, California (2021); REDCAT, Los Angeles (2020); and The Box, Los Angeles (2019).