The Pollinators

Sarah Rara

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About the Artist

Born 1983 in Livingston, NJ

Sarah Rara’s videos entice viewers into a meditative state and encourage them to acknowledge the limits of perception. Rara’s videos feature vibrant colors, and subtle shifts in image and mood, and soundtracks that include both natural and synthetic sounds.

In The Pollinators (2014), Rara is interested in the ways that humans perceive only a small fraction of the physical world and aims to create a hyperawareness to counteract these limitations and open new avenues of sensation. As with many of her other videos, the soundtrack was arranged by collaborator Luke Fischbeck, with whom she cofounded the performance collective Lucky Dragons. In the video, Rara approximates color fields that exist outside of human perception while she attempts to capture the almost imperceptible movement of plants and animals in the process of pollination. To make this new video, Rara worked patiently, waiting for chance encounters to happen within the frame. The time, patience, and observation necessary for creating this work makes the artist’s process an act of meditation in itself.


Lucky Dragons: Actual Reality