Samara Golden

About the Artist

Born 1973 in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Using video, sound, ink-jet prints, foam, insulation, mirrors, and anything else readily and cheaply available, Samara Golden aims to represent her notion of a sixth dimension where time, emotion, and alternate realities are simultaneously visible. Golden’s installations are over-stimulating environments that require audience participation while also altering the audience’s perception of the piece.

In her ongoing piece Busts (2011– ), Golden offers the audience a chance to become a part of her work’s production and history. Altering dolls from thrift stores with clay, haircuts, wigs, and handmade accessories, the artist creates portraits of people involved with the installation, which grows and changes each time it’s exhibited. Golden aims to create a sculpture constructed of the people who have engaged with it, documenting her personal acquaintances alongside the larger art community. Ultimately, she envisions a reunion exhibition in which all iterations of the work can be seen at once, functioning as a survey of the artist’s life and career.