Piero Golia

About the Artist

Born 1974 in Naples, Italy

Piero Golia’s large-scale projects and conceptual project proposals bear equal weight for the artist. Often times grandiose in scale and proportion, if not seemingly impossible—for example, proposing a permanent wall to separate Orange County from Los Angeles— Golia’s ideas are full of provocation and confrontation.

As an artist who has hardly ever worked from a studio, his ambitious ideas tend to infect and motivate producers, curators, and organizers that support his work—such as The Standard hotel in Hollywood, where he permanently installed a rooftop orb that is lit whenever the artist is in town. Whether Golia is running an intellectual salon in a speakeasy or crushing a bus to fit the dimensions of an art fair booth, his practice always calls attention to the personal agency of the artist and the social and economic context in which he works.