Juan Capistrán

About the Artist

Born 1976 in Guadalajara, Mexico

Juan Capistrán works in sculpture, painting, video, photography, drawing, installation, performance, and sound—whichever method best serves the specific project. A Mexican-born artist who grew up in a predominantly African American neighborhood in Los Angeles, Capistrán deftly maneuvers between subjects ranging from the civil rights movement to punk music to the art of the 1960s, blending practices, references, and themes into subversive critiques of American culture.

Capistrán’s work borrows equally from renowned artists such as Carl Andre, as well as hip-hop, disco, and gang culture, culminating in pieces and performances that often dip into the cool, distant nature of minimalism while referencing the politics inherent in the colored body. Frequently titled with references to pop culture, the work offers a broad entry point that shows Capistrán’s personal history with stark political expression.