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A.L. Steiner

Lecture at Shares & Stakeholders (w/MiL.A. 2012 alum Zackary Drucker)

About the Artist

Born 1967 in Miami, Florida

A. L. Steiner’s works and activities span photography, video, installation, collage, performance, lectures, writing, and curating, often made in collaboration. A self-described “skeptical queer eco-feminist androgyne,” Steiner is a collective member of the musical group Chicks on Speed and cofounder of Working Artists and the Greater Economy (WAGE), which advocates for the payment of fees for artists exhibiting in nonprofit art institutions. Steiner’s artworks are irreverent, humorous, personal, perverse, and—above all—political. Most evident in her large-scale installations of collaged digital photographs, Steiner’s image repertoire provides a look into the network of queer friends and lovers that form the basis of both her community and her artistic practice.

In 2010 Steiner and with fellow artist A. K. Burns, produced the installation, lecture, and video project Community Action Center, which explored the erotics of queer sexuality through an intergenerational cast of artists and performers. The project’s genre-bending 69-minute pornographic video toured the country over subsequent years, a reflection of the hedonistic and distinctly political adventure that Steiner has consistently engaged in as an artist and activist.