A woman sitting in an office chair holding her right knee up to her chest and her right hand to her face

Andrea Fraser: This meeting is being recorded

  • This is a past exhibition

Since the 1980s, Andrea Fraser (b. 1965, Billings, Montana) has achieved renown for performances that interrogate social structures with incisive analysis, humor, and pathos. While Fraser’s work is often associated with critical investigations of art institutions, her performances since the mid-2000s have turned toward examining the intersection of sociopolitical and psychological structures as they produce individual and group identity and reproduce relations of domination.

Fraser continues this investigation with This meeting is being recorded, a performance-based video exploring formations of race, gender, and age in an intergenerational group of seven self-identified white women. Based on recordings of six 90-minute meetings of a group convened by Fraser in fall 2020, the women attempt to apply psychoanalytic group relations methods to the study of unconscious racism and their roles in white supremacy, starting with their own conflicts. Fraser performs all seven women, including herself. Performing directly to the camera, Fraser invites the viewer to join the complex dynamics of identification, othering, competition, and longing as group members grapple with their privilege and sense of vulnerability as white women while working to take back projections and own unwanted parts of themselves.

This meeting is being recorded runs for 99 minutes. There will be four screenings each day:

11:15 a.m.
1:00 p.m.
2:45 p.m.
4:30 p.m.

Andrea Fraser: This meeting is being recorded is organized by Connie Butler, chief curator, with Ikechukwu Onyewuenyi, curatorial assistant.
This meeting is being recorded is coproduced by the Hammer Museum and Künstlerhaus Stuttgart. The Künstlerhaus Stuttgart exhibition is co-curated by Rhea Anastas and Eric Golo Stone. Production was supported by a grant from The Kaleta A. Doolin Foundation and from Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts, which also supported Hammer Projects: Andrea Fraser and the publication of Andrea Fraser: Collected Interviews, 1990-2018.
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