Still from Production Value

Hammer Projects: Neil Beloufa

Neil Beloufa’s films focus on the slippery line between fiction and reality. He sets up situations in which both amateurs and professional actors explore enigmatic subjects ranging from extraterrestrials to nationalism, terrorism, and the future. During his Hammer residency in 2012, Beloufa produced a new film exploring the iconography of the red bandana. Disparate political movements and subcultures—including gangsters, hippies, rock stars, cowboys, and anarchists—have long adopted the red bandana as a sign of affiliation or camaraderie. In his installation, Production Value (2013) Beloufa uses the red bandana as a vehicle in which to examine such subcultures and how these groups interact with each other and wrestle with existential issues when faced with a great catastrophe. Production Value will be screened in an installation designed by the artist in the Hammer’s video gallery.

Hammer Projects: Neil Beloufa is organized by Ali Subotnick, Hammer curator.



By Emily Gonzalez

Neïl Beloufa’s work occupies a space between truth and fiction. He shows his videos at film festivals as well as art galleries. He works with untrained volunteers and aspiring actors. The artist situates himself between all these polarities easily because he does not differentiate one from the other. Everything is presented with a flat sincerity, but there is always a touch of humor and irony that makes the work compelling. After watching one of his videos, viewers may find themselves pondering what they have just witnessed, parsing the story line for hints of meaning, and it is in this blurring of boundaries that Beloufa’s work is most engaging. 



Hammer Projects is a series of exhibitions focusing primarily on the work of emerging artists. 

Hammer Projects is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation; the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission; Maurice Marciano and Paul Marciano; and Susan Bay Nimoy and Leonard Nimoy. 

Additional support is provided by Good Works Foundation and Laura Donnelley; the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs; the Decade Fund; and the David Teiger Curatorial Travel Fund.

Hammer Projects: Neil Beloufa is presented through a residency at the Hammer Museum. The Hammer Museum’s Artist Residency Program is supported through a generous grant from the Simms/Mann Family Foundation. The residency program was initiated with funding from the Nimoy Foundation and is supported through a significant grant from The James Irvine Foundation. 

Neil Beloufa's new film installation, Production Value, was partially realized with funds from the Audi Talent Award 2011.