Murphy Sculpture Garden


Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden

One of the most distinguished outdoor sculpture collections in the country, the Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden spans more than five acres in UCLA's campus with over 70 sculptures by artists such as Jean Arp, Deborah Butterfield, Alexander Calder, Barbara Hepworth, Jacques Lipchitz, Henry Moore, Isamu Noguchi, Auguste Rodin, and David Smith. 

To schedule a tour, please fill out our online tour request form here, or call the Academic Programs department at 310-443-7041 for assistance. Tour requests must be received one month prior to the date of the tour. For example, a tour on April 20th must be requested by March 20th. Groups must consist of no less than 10 persons, and no more than 40 persons.

The Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden was dedicated in 1967, after the first acquisitions were installed, including eleven works from the estate of David E. Bright. The Sculpture Garden features over seventy sculptures by artists such as Jean Arp, Alexander Calder, Claire Falkenstein, Barbara Hepworth, Gaston Lachaise, Jacques Lipchitz, Henri Matisse, Henry Moore, Isamu Noguchi, Auguste Rodin, David Smith and Francisco Zuñiga, bringing together figural and abstract works and illustrating many approaches to sculpture. More

  • Oliver Andrews. Architectural Sculpture,1966
  • Alexander Archipenko. Queen of Sheba, 1961
  • Jean (Hans) Arp. Fruit hybride dit la Pagode (Hybrid Fruit Called Pagoda), 1934, cast after 1949
  • Jean (Hans) Arp. Ptolemy III, 1961
  • Leonard Baskin. Prophet: Homage to Rico Lebrun, 1971
  • Fletcher Benton. Dynamic Rhythms Orange (Phase III), 1976
  • Emile-Antoine Bourdelle. Head of France, 1923
  • Emile-Antoine Bourdelle. Noble Burdens, 1910
  • Alberto Burri. Grande Cretto Nero, 1976-77
  • Deborah Butterfield. Pensive, 1996
  • Alexander Calder. Button Flower, 1959
  • Anthony Caro. Halfway, 1971
  • Aldo Casanova. Artemis of Ephesus, 1964-66
  • Lynn Chadwick. Encounter VIII, 1957
  • Leo Cherne. Ralph Bunche, 1958
  • Pietro Consagra. Difficult Dialogue, 1959
  • Sorel Etrog. Mother and Child, 1962-64
  • Sorel Etrog. War Remembrance, 1960-61
  • Claire Falkenstein. Point as a Set, No. 25, 1970
  • Eric Gill. Mulier, c. 1913
  • Robert Graham. Dance Columns I and II, 1978
  • Dimitri Hadzi. Elmo III, 1960
  • Dimitri Hadzi. Elmo V, 1959-61
  • Barbara Hepworth. Elegy III, 1966
  • Barbara Hepworth. Oval Form, 1962-63 (temporarily removed for conservation)
  • Richard Hunt. Why? 1974
  • Gaston Lachaise. Standing Woman, 1932
  • Henri Laurens. Autumn, 1948
  • Jacques Lipchitz. The Bather, 1923-25
  • Jacques Lipchitz. Song of the Vowels, 1931-32
  • Anna Mahler. Night, 1963
  • Anna Mahler. Tower of Masks, 1961 (currently not on view)
  • Aristide Maillol. Heroic Head, 1923
  • Aristide Maillol. Torso, c. 1938
  • Gerhard Marcks. Freya, 1950
  • Gerhard Marcks. Maja, 1941
  • Henri Matisse. Bas Relief I, 1909
  • Henri Matisse. Bas Relief II, 1913
  • Henri Matisse. Bas Relief III, 1916-17
  • Henri Matisse. Bas Relief IV, 1930
  • Joan Miro. Mère Ubu, 1975
  • Henry Moore. Two-Piece Reclining Figure, No. 3, 1961
  • Robert Müller. Altar, 1962-4
  • Reuben Nakian. La Chambre à coucher de l'Empereur, 1954
  • Isamu Noguchi. Garden Elements, 1962
  • George Rickey. Two Lines Oblique Down (Variation III), 1970-74
  • Giorgio Amelio Roccamont. Abstraction, 1963
  • Auguste Rodin. The Walking Man, 1905
  • Tony (Bernard) Rosenthal. Abstract Plaque, 1964
  • David Smith. Cubi XX, 1964
  • Francesco Somaini. Vertical-Absalom, 1959
  • Elden Tefft. Franklin D. Murphy, 1960
  • George Tsutakawa. Obos 69, 1969
  • William Tucker. Untitled, 1967
  • William Turnbull. Column, 1970
  • Vladas Vildziunas. The Bird Goddess, 1977
  • Peter Voulkos. Gallas Rock, 1960
  • Peter Voulkos. Soleares, c. 1959
  • Jack Zajac. Bound Goat, Wednesday, 1973
  • Jack Zajac. Ram Head with Broken Horn, VI, 1963
  • William Zorach. Victory, 1950
  • Francisco Zuñiga. Mother with Child at her Hip, 1979
  • Francisco Zuñiga. Reclining Nude, 1970

Installation of Robert Graham work (at Rolfe Courtyard - not part of the Sculpture Garden):

  • Fountain Figure I, 1983
  • Fountain Figure III, 1983
  • Lori, 1986
  • Olympic Torso (Female), 1983
  • Olympic Torso (Male), 1983
  • Sasha, 1993
  • Stephanie and Spy, 1980-81
  • Study for Column I, (Neith), 1988
  • Study for Column II, (Lisa Ann), 1988
  • Study for Column III, (Debbie), 1988
  • Untitled (Lise), 1977

Sculpture at Perloff Hall:

  • Louis Henri Sullivan. Decorative Panel from the Gage Building, Chicago, 1889-99

Sculptures at Murphy Hall:

  • Fritz Koenig. Votive S, 1963
  • Gordon Newell. Horizontal Form, 1970


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From the 405 freeway, exit Sunset and go east several blocks.
Turn right at Hilgard Avenue.
Turn right on Wyton Drive.
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Sculpture Garden is located in area C

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