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  • Telescope: China | Oliver Herring pt. 3

    Telescope: China | Oliver Herring pt. 3

    Oliver Herring’s 3rd major all day performance is one of his trademark works. In Beijing it was titled, Areas for Action, Beijing: Color Spit. For this performance Herring enlisted 2 participants who wore light gray thermal leggings, white socks, and white T-shirts.

  • Telescope: China | Oliver Herring pt. 2

    Telescope: China | Oliver Herring pt. 2

    Oliver Herring’s 2nd all day performance at Telescope, Areas for Action, Beijing: Aluminum Foil, was a spectacular event. Hundreds of local villagers, children, students, artists, workers, tourists, etc. came by to look and to participate.

  • Telescope: China | Oliver Herring

    Telescope: China | Oliver Herring

    Oliver Herring was born in Germany and now lives and works in New York. He is an internationally acclaimed artist who has been featured in international art magazines and exhibited in major museums and galleries around the world, such as the Museum of Modern Art and the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, Aichi Triennale 2010, Nagoya, Japan, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland, 10th Lyon Biennale of Contemporary Art, Lyon, France, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Milan, Italy, among others.

  • Telescope: China | Chen Qiulin Pt. 2

    Telescope: China | Chen Qiulin Pt. 2

    Past Hammer Projects artist Chen Qiulin’s installation at Telescope has continued to grow as more porcelain ‘zhezhi’ (folded paper objects) have arrived from the Jingdezhen porcelain factory in southern China. The title of the piece, 14,235, is also the number of individual pieces in the work of art. She has divided the work into two installations, one at Telescope in Beijing and the other at her solo exhibition at 1000 Plateaus Gallery in Chengdu, which also includes photos, sculptures, and the 7 channel video installation Empty City. The white wall installation photos are from Telescope and the dark wall installation photos are from 1000 Plateaus.

  • Telescope: China | Ma Qingyun

    Telescope: China | Ma Qingyun

    Ma Qingyun, considered to be one of the most influential designers and architects in the world, presents new sculptures at Telescope of pink neon entitled Lite-urbanism. Ma suggests a new urbanism by reducing form and function to simple calligraphic lines in the fragile light of neon. These works, “whimsical” yet “alien,” are based on Ma’s un-built architectural projects.

  • Telescope: China | Chen Qiulin

    Telescope: China | Chen Qiulin

    Since Cai Lun greatly improved paper production during the Eastern Han Dynasty, 25-220 AD, by using cheaper materials and making it more accessible to the common people, zhezhi, or paper folding, and Jianzhi, paper cutting, have had important ceremonial and decorative roles in Chinese society and culture.