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  • Telescope: China | He Wei

    Telescope: China | He Wei

    He Wei’s mysterious abstractions investigate interior landscapes of the mind and heart. Through a process of applying many translucent layers of oil paint onto canvases lying on the floor random expressionistic color fields are created sometimes with broken geometric structures floating on the surface.

  • Telescope: China | Chinese New Year 2015

    Telescope: China | Chinese New Year 2015

    I normally travel to a friend’s home in the country for the Chinese New Year festivities but this year I stayed in Beijing. It’s wonderful but a little strange at the same time to be in here or any big Chinese city during the Spring Festival.

  • Telescope: China | Deng Tai, Walking

    Telescope: China | Deng Tai, Walking

    Walking is a series of over 1,300 photos and a video animation made over a three to four year period of time, in different cities, always at night, using only the street and shop lights for illumination. It is simply the recording of a journey, walking on an endless road, without a map, to some distant and undefined destination.

  • Telescope: China | Deng Tai

    Telescope: China | Deng Tai

    Deng Tai’s second solo exhibition at Telescope focuses on two specific nighttime performances entitled Shadow and Walking.