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  • Telescope: China | Yu Honglei

    Telescope: China | Yu Honglei

    Beijing artist Yu Honglei’s work is generally derived from the everyday objects in his life, redefined through his unique vision, and presented with new identities and functions. Yu’s new project at Telescope seeks the middle ground between conception and realization of art objects.

  • Telescope: China | From Qipao to Mao to Now

    Telescope: China | From Qipao to Mao to Now

    My first trip to China was in 2002. What I could see of fashion at that time in the shops and on the streets was generic, unattractive, and cheap looking. There was no identity, no beauty from the past or creative hope for the future.

  • Telescope: China | He Wei

    Telescope: China | He Wei

    He Wei’s mysterious abstractions investigate interior landscapes of the mind and heart. Through a process of applying many translucent layers of oil paint onto canvases lying on the floor random expressionistic color fields are created sometimes with broken geometric structures floating on the surface.