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  • Telescope: China: Hunan, Part 1

    Telescope: China: Hunan, Part 1

    Hunan is a province in southern China (about 900 miles south of Beijing) well known for its natural beauty, spicy food, and the birthplace of Chairman Mao. Actually, huge portraits of Mao still hang prominently in the foyers of many of the homes in China, especially in the countryside where things have changed very slowly over the years.

  • Telescope: China | Bee People

    Telescope: China | Bee People

    Last April a family moved in to this no man’s land between a city highway along its service road and a park, and set up shop with a tent and 20+ beehives. A father, mother, and their little daughter have been living and working there since the spring and will be there for over half the year keeping their bees and selling their honey.