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  • Coming up on the Gold Stage

    Coming up on the Gold Stage

    A dancer rehearses on stage as the sound of applause erupts in the normally peaceful museum courtyard. The enthusiasm that day was coming from the soccer fans watching the world cup, but those near the stage watch the open rehearsal in relative silence, absorbing the bodies in motion and art taking place outside of the galleries. The Gold Stage in the Hammer Courtyard, a part of Made in L.A. and an extension of James Kidd Studio, has served as a platform for dancers and performers to share their practice with the community in a public, yet protected space affected by and affecting the surrounding environment for the duration of the exhibition.

  • Notes Toward a Lunchtime Art Talk: Mariah Garnett's Full Burn

    Notes Toward a Lunchtime Art Talk: Mariah Garnett's Full Burn

    The four questions that Mariah Garnett posed to her interview subjects: Have you ever been injured on set or at war? Have you ever been afraid for your life (on set or at war)? What are the parallels between being a soldier and being a stuntman? Was there ever a time on set that reminded you of being in combat or in the military?

  • JazzPOP 2014

    JazzPOP 2014

    Now in its ninth year, JazzPOP brings some of the most singular voices in West Coast jazz to the Hammer courtyard for concerts that embrace sound and song, groove and grunge, and feature original music grounded in indie rock, chamber music, and jazz improvisation.

  • Lorene Bouboushian on the Gold Stage

    Lorene Bouboushian on the Gold Stage

    For Made in L.A., James Kidd Studio makes Gold Stage, a satellite center based on her Lincoln Heights dance studio named Pieter. This gold-painted rounded stage in the Hammer Courtyard is an open platform for local, national and international artists of all disciplines to perform, rehearse, mediate, think, exchange, consider. This stage as studio space is an experimental practice in designing a truly functional space to work in, conscious that the courtyard is a public, yet protected.

  • Now Playing: Renegade Tours

    Now Playing: Renegade Tours

    Kids giving tours? Elementary aged children talking about paintings from the 19th century? It happened here at the Hammer. And we have videos to prove it! We recently uploaded videos of our youngest, most adorable tour guides on our new Hammer Kids YouTube playlist. From Moreau to Daumier to Rubens, our petite tour guides are featured sharing a wide range of observations about paintings in the Armand Hammer Collection.