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  • Telescope: China | Jiangxi Province Pt. 1

    Telescope: China | Jiangxi Province Pt. 1

    Every year for Chinese Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) I will to go visit a friend’s hometown in a remote countryside area. I have been to many places since I arrived in China in 2008. You can find these posts in my earlier Hammer Blogs: Guangdong (Canton), northeast China’s Liaoning Province, Hunan, Anhui Province, and others.

  • Telescope: China | INCLUDED

    Telescope: China | INCLUDED

    INCLUDED, a nonprofit organization formerly known as Compassion for Migrant Children, recently opened an outdoor exhibition in Sanlitun, an upscale prime shopping center area in Beijing. Stephen Gleadow, a U.S. artist and friend, and the creative director for the INCLUDED exhibition, invited me to come see this very beautiful and moving show right before I left for the U.S.

  • Ma Ke in L.A.

    Ma Ke in L.A.

    I first saw Ma Ke’s work in 2008 or 09 at an obscure space in Beijing. I was immediately taken by the two small paintings of his that were in a large group show. No one in the gallery could give me any information about him. It took me several years to track him down, but finally while visiting Platform China gallery in Beijing one day, I saw a catalogue of an artist’s work and instantly knew this must be the artist I had been looking for for such a long time.

  • The Mysteries of China

    The Mysteries of China

    During my time and travels throughout modern China I have ‘discovered’ and photographed a series of mysterious and unexplained phenomena. These can be added to the ever mounting Great Mysteries of China.