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  • Volkswagen Once Tried To Kill A Journalist Because Of This Car

    Volkswagen Once Tried To Kill A Journalist Because Of This Car

    Yep, that's right. As far as I can tell, this incident where a Brazilian auto journalist was shot at while taking some spy shots is the only time a carmaker has actually employed potentially deadly force against a journalist. Even though I may have tempted some. The car is the VW Brasilia, and I think it's great.

  • Five Years of Public Engagement

    Five Years of Public Engagement

    What was once a truly unique undertaking—creating a department focused on art and also considering the role of the visitor—has become a more common practice in the field. By my count there are now nearly twenty institutions in the U.S. alone who have created engagement-centric teams. Though the Hammer’s program is unusual in its focus that is strictly curatorial, versus, for example, education that sometimes skews curatorial, or a marketing/visitor services fusion, there seems to be a shift underway. I’d like to think that the Hammer’s program, once a lonely little outlier, has had an influence on that.

  • A Q&A with The Industry's Yuval Sharon

    A Q&A with The Industry's Yuval Sharon

    You’ve probably heard us tossing around the name “Yuval Sharon” a lot lately. That’s because he is the Artistic Director of The Industry, the experimental opera company that envisioned the acclaimed performance visualization of Terry Riley’s In C, which debuted at the Hammer last Saturday. Before our second (and last) performance this coming Saturday from 1-5PM, our curator got a little insider information from him. --- Here’s my feeling. Yuval Sharon is brilliant and we should coerce him into talking about his work as much as we can. Fortunately, his intelligence is matched only by his warmth and generosity so there isn’t too much arm twisting involved in getting him to chat with us, and words seem to flow from him as easily as music does. What’s not to love?? –-Allison Agsten, curator, public engagement