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KCHUNG Radio | Whisper Reports


KCHUNG Radio | Whisper Reports

KCHUNG Radio invites visitors to participate in a series of news reports and interviews on subjects such as museum programming and staff and visitor fashion, all conducted in museum whisper within the Hammer’s spaces.  

From 2-2:30 in the galleries of the Permanent Collection, KCHUNG DJ John Burtle will broadcast a news report in typical gallery whisper. In the same location from 2:30-3, DJ Lady C will air an ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) tour of the museum and ask visitors to participate in developing a sense of how the ASMR phenomena operates in the museum.


From 2-8pm on Lindbrook Terrace, Kate Gilbert invites participation in her durational performance, “Whisper Collection.” Described in her own words as an “un-scientific experiment in the distance between muteness and sound as present in the human voice,” the piece was originally conceived as a response to Jennifer Steinkamp’s projection “Mike Kelley 3.”


Thursday, September 19, 2pm
Saturday, September 21, 2pm
Thursday, September 26, 2pm
Saturday, September 28, 2pm


The Hammer Museum is pleased to welcome Public Engagement artist-in-residence KCHUNG Radio. Established in 2011, KCHUNG is a creative hub of artists, musicians, philosophers, and tinkerers broadcasting live on 1630AM from a studio above a pho restaurant in Los Angeles’s Chinatown and 1610AM from the Hammer Museum in Westwood. The radio station currently airs 74 live, original shows each month, including reports on wildlife conservation, on-air meditation, gestures of an economic and performative nature, as well as music. While in residence at the Hammer through the end of the year, KCHUNG presents the station’s regular programing on-site as well as new programs developed for the museum. Visitors can look forward to projects such as audio tours composed by KCHUNG and remixes of past Hammer programs.


Parking available under the museum, 3 hours for $3.


Part of the curatorial department, the Public Engagement program collaborates with artists to develop and present works that create an exchange with the institution and with visitors. Enacted both inside and outside the galleries, Public Engagement projects range from re-envisioned security guard uniforms to library and orchestra residencies. Public Engagement was established in 2009 thanks to a James Irvine Foundation Arts Innovation Fund grant.

The Hammer Museum’s Public Engagement program was initiated with funding from The James Irvine Foundation.

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